Promotions, reduced prices, discounts, … you understood, on this page you can find all the MadameParis promotions. Hot brushes or accessories for manicure / pedicure, enjoy the best MadameParis prices. If you like to take care of yourself without breaking your bank account, it’s simple: use our products! Our team of experts likes to select the best for your body and hair (click to learn more about MadameParis).

MadameParis hot brushes are the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for anyone who loves to take care of their hair.

  • Sale!

    Ana hair straightener

    79,90 Flat irons Add to cart
  • Sale!

    Beauty Gun hair curler

    89,90 Hair curlers Add to cart
  • Sale! lisseur plaques larges Ella

    Ella hair straightener

    119,90 Flat irons Add to cart
  • Foldable pocket mirror

    9,90 Hair accessories Read more
  • Hair brush

    19,90 Hair accessories Read more
  • Sale!

    Hair scissors

    24,90 Hair accessories Add to cart
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